October 15, 2011

Ohhh Inspiration

Yesterday was a blast!
Me and the girls were having a short photoshot at the pool for my new project Tees & Scissors -coming right up! :)
It's all about fun and laughter. I am so happy and it boosting up my energy and excitement to do more of this.

On this lazy Sunday I'm browsing for another inspiration. This video I found in Elroy Photography really catch my mood..

FRAGIL #15 from elr°y on Vimeo.

October 10, 2011

it's blue, the color

Can't stop feeling deep today.
Barely can't do anything, just an empty and sad sight.
I started to search for my grip, in youtube. It's funny for me tho, but I do that all the time.
I happen to watch James Morrison's clip and I just notice how he's face was very similar to Chris Martin from Coldplay.

October 9, 2011

as I losing my "virginity"

I could recall how hard my heart was pumping when I finally decided to take plane for my first trip to Singapore. It's the time I've ever been on a plane after all my life I've tried to avoid any of the possibilities. No wonder my heart skips a beat when the plane was first took-off, yes I have fear of heights.

When the plane was first took-off, I think to my self -
"okay, this is it! I am ready to losing my virginity".
I held on tight.
I close my eyes.
I even had goosebumps.
But it occur just for a minute, and when the plane was already settled on the auto-pilot mode, guess I was just over reacted.

So I learned that I only have the aeroacrophobia; the fear of open high places which exposed air or wind. And thank God, being on a plane is no longer my fear.

This was taken at the apartment, it's first time I opened my eyes in different country.
Feeling save..

Taken by Meutia Ananda

October 8, 2011

I miss it

In order to survive from unpleasant situation, unhealthy body condition, and unstable peace of mind, I always replay any moments that I savor and keep it as a decent memories.
Now I replay this day in my head. A perfect day spending with good friends around, good clothes, good place to hang, great air, great weather, great atmosphere, and precious time to celebrate.

Those who make it happened :)
Pasca Arafah
Rizki Bagus Satria

October 3, 2011

Sewing Project no.2

This is one of my sewing project,
I made this to celebrating Ied Mubarak.
Guess I should have published it weeks before, lol.

October 2, 2011

Sight Seeing

This week was the laziest week ever!
I had so much fun in my short trip to Singapore, and I think I still got the euphoria left. I ended up spending this weekend just to hanging out, sleeping, eating, watching dvd or go to the movie, and sleeping again.
NO WORKING at all lol.
Shame on me, but guess it's kindda healthy if I do it every once in a while. Just to freshen-up my mind and enjoy the living.

September 29, 2011

DIY Project no.1

At some nights I could really get inspired and excited in a sudden, so whatever that I was doing; weather its sewing, writing, or just making a concept- even when the clock has been pointing out to me that its already 3 in the morning I still can’t stop. I often get some trouble in sleeping in a cause of that. So usually I have to make my body tiring itself by adding some projects to do. Well I would say it has an advantage to me since I like to stay active also productive, and that keep me sane.
I made this shirt which I called, stitched on me love from my old plain white tank-top and a patch to make the love shape.

September 24, 2011

Baby, you and I

I l-l-loooove how this song and video speaks to me. It's about almost 2 weeks I hear it over and over (even though I'm not playing it on my tunes, it's already played on and on in my unconscious mind). Thanks for creating such beautiful and meaningful song, Lady Gaga, it's you and I..

September 23, 2011

Sewing Project

Couple weeks ago mom asked me to made her a dress that she could wear on our colleague party. So I started to browse some inspiration for the design.
Then she decided to made this dress from one of Indonesian fashion designer

Well I am no expert on sew yet, but I tried my best :)

August 31, 2011

a little peek

Couple weeks ago I’m having a “little photo peek”-that’s what my friend called it.
It was on the side walk in my neighborhood where we still have small field for farming.
Though it’s pretty small, but as suburban kid who’s surrounded by so many building development,
I guess I’m lucky enough to still have a green zone in my environment. 

It was always refreshing to drown myself to the nature and feel the peaceful energy.
Some fresh air to inhale, while some anger and disturbing mind come undone.

August 24, 2011

The drops of tears

In these five years, I have had everything and lost everything.
So many things to be thankful, yet there’re too many goodbyes to be said.
There’re many things to ask,
lot of reasons to let go.
These 5 years have fundamentally formed me inside and out.
The rises and dawns.
I was torn so badly in the day the love being forced to die.
And up until now I have to beat myself up just to keep my face straight. Keep my world spinning.

I wonder how far I could make the leap again, without my tail*.

August 15, 2011

Most of our time..

I remember what we used to do to have fun,
making some dumb photos of us and had laugh about it. 
(click on the photo to see what's fun)

August 10, 2011

Try to use the rope

I am doing some modification with the dress by adding that light-baby-blue color rope detail.
Pretty chic eh?

August 7, 2011

The little tricks to gain concentration

I’ve been doing self-improvement project lately, and I’ve noticed that I’ve always had this serious trouble of concentrating. You see, I am a day-dream gal who spends most of my time wondering and worrying while doing my thing. And that’s maybe why I always ended up having difficulty to complete countless list of task and finished it behind schedule. This problem has consumed my time and energy, so I begin to googling and read couples of articles allied with that.

We all familiar with NO PHONE ZONE that Oprah have been campaigning lately, because there’re too many stories about the traffic accident that happened for the reason of distracted driving. It’s just one of the reasons why we need to learn to establish concentration as a life habit. I observe that many people (especially girls) have the same problem on concentrating; they tend to do multi-tasking when dealing with daily work. From what I’ve read from the articles, that’s just mistaken assumption that we’d finished the task efficiently by multi-tasking. In fact, multi-tasking will increase your errors and divide your attention so you’ll have to perform revision (imaging time-consuming you need to spend to mend that error).

Since concentration leads to efficiency in every work, I am thrill to share what I’ve learned from the articles for you; who have difficulty to concentrate. 
I quote, summarized, combining all articles that I had and do some adjustment to re-write it. Hopefully this could do you a favor.

July 30, 2011

Just My...

I got the-How I Met Your Mother-fever!

I know it is soooo late for some of you and now I just get to watch the 4th season. One thing that I really love about the series was the the opening scene which has the opening song in it. I don’t know how to put it, but after I reached the second season I found myself mesmerized. That scene drags me into these vivid moments of me along with my friends back then, over and again. The one that we got away for sneaking out from school, the disaster that always happened on deadline back in college, our everyday playlist while waiting for classes, the DVD nights, the sleep over. It all drifting in my mind, and then comes the warmhearted feeling just like when you re-read your favorite book, re-run your favorite series, or listening to your old favorite songs that always blows your head away.

I retrace the history just simply by remembering those silly faces, those sounds of laugher, how we got into fight, and how messed up we were. Seems like been a while since I had my belly cramps for laughing too hard with my friends. I totally miss it.
I wonder how I’m gonna remember this present moment five years from now.

“We’ll always be this free,
We will living for the love we had,
living none for reality.”
-The Cranberries

July 18, 2011

One at a time

There are several times like this in my phase of life, when I am alone in my loneliest mind. I was just hanging around wondering what to do, what I want to do. I’m turning off the lights and put up some candles just trying to feel the ambience of peace. Apparently, I’m just getting lost in my own self once more, and get deeper… I begin to think about when was the first time I started to feel this heavy weight on my shoulder (you know, the weight of responsibilities, consequences, and all the expectation of the people around you). Was it when I was ten, or is that when I was thirteen? Oh boy, you know how tough it could be now and then. But I wanna try to keep my view out of those bothering mind once again. So I took a piece of paper to write and imagine all the idea of how I could somehow provoke peace into my life. I write down things about sheep, about grass, about the wind, the bird and the tree. It come off for a moment as an escape, but then again these sight about “I have to make the best of my life” blocking my vision. It’s frustrating how I never could feel liberated, because the fact that the person who is always holding me back was my own self, all the time. I always get all the nerves just thinking how I haven’t marked something BIG in these 22 years of living. And now I’m feeling as miserable as I can be, tasting my regret.

You know, I once have a vow to myself that I will never let regret be part of my life again. I tried so hard, but I’m failed of course. Just like my entire vow did. And there it is an additional regret. I keep thinking, why should I always have to expecting so much on myself? Pushing myself with targets, constantly wanting to be the best, and my worst obsessive disease called “pursuit of perfection” that driving me nuts all of this time.
I just can’t stop.