February 22, 2013

February 13, 2013

JAKARTA IS A BITCH - for street walkers

This is the most challenging day for me being a street walker in Jakarta so far.
Crossing the street on a rush hour is one thing, but getting stuck in the middle of the long wide road
and almost being hit by 3 cars and 2 motorcycle (to be precise) is a lot to handle.
It's upsetting and sad to ever think that lack of concern from others can cause a road accident 
which possibly lead my way to die. Okay that's a paranoid talk, but if you ever feel that close to lose your life
on such irresponsible hand - then you'll understand what I was upset for.

February 11, 2013

The Edge of Love

It's you, who makes me feel I would never be alone
It spoiled me how you always believe there is something about me that people will love tenderly,
like you did most of the time

I don't quite remember how He puts us side to side to the point much further than love
Until we learn to have faith and surrender ourselves to all surprises He kept for us,
so we could genuinely appreciate the presence of each other in our lives
Thanks for making me believe that happiness is as real as the present,
realizing that human could feel content, even without having everything she wants

photo by Meutia Ananda