April 15, 2012

Festival Jurnalisme Warga, Museum Nasional Indonesia.

It's been a while since going out to see some gigs, yesterday is like paying debt.
These are some of my favorite photos taken by Meutia Ananda.

* Festival Jurnalisme Warga, Museum Nasional Indonesia.

I have a very long list of things that I want to have and I'm sure it'll took a long process to make it real. An old pal says that if I want to have those things comes to reality, you're gonna have to deal with the process- the sweet and the bitter one. Then she puts an additional line to her speech, that I will not get what I want because I loathe the bitter process. It tooks time to digest everything especially to swallow my ego. She was right, and finally i have the fuel to start a move.

On top of my list is I want to have a real nice home with pets and great yard also good environment. Yes, now I'm facing the reality situation that I still far far away from that. So I start to compromise by getting my dream room first. I have been bitching out about how I wanted to move out and have my own space. That is probably why I couldn't get satisfied with my old room. It already becomes a total mess and everything is out of place since I start working in my room. I have to split my tiny bedroom with my working space. I couldn't describe how chaotic my room was but I always thought it was useless to tidy up because it will get messy again eventually. I know I was hiding behind that powerful excuse, for too long.

Yesterday was Saturday and I was dating my old room. I'm practically living in my brother's room for months now, he's gonna comming back so I have to move to my old room eventually. I have some thoughts about how to create my dream room and balancing the atmosphere for working and resting. It actually pretty hard because it turns out I have so many ideas on my mind and browsing through designsponge.com or other inspiration make a lot worse. Now I have too many ideas ready to blow my head.

In times of overwhelming situation, its common that we dont know what to do and where to start. I know that I got pretty irrational to ever feel overwhelm about this, even in impulsive way. So I just start with little thing to be work on such making storage systems for threads and my sewing toolkit. It turned out pretty neat! I was so happy accomplishing something and it boost up my energy to make another movement.

April 13, 2012

Finishing another assignment today and quite satisfied with the result. I may proudly say that I have some improvement on my sewing skill :D yeayy!! I still haven't find a perfect picture preset to present my goods yet, but I'm working on it too.


April 3, 2012

One thing that always make me feel good about myself is to get creative and productive. Today is the day, I finally feeling so much in the mood to sew.

I have being requested while ago to make basic tees for one of my fella. She wants to put variant mode and color of basic tees for her daily outfit. Its hard for me to get in the mood of working these day since its raining all the time and I'm kinda in the blue mood. Fortunately I have a wonderful mom with her little food-boosters, I have the power to finish them all today. Thanks mom!

Here are the finished product: