August 31, 2011

a little peek

Couple weeks ago I’m having a “little photo peek”-that’s what my friend called it.
It was on the side walk in my neighborhood where we still have small field for farming.
Though it’s pretty small, but as suburban kid who’s surrounded by so many building development,
I guess I’m lucky enough to still have a green zone in my environment. 

It was always refreshing to drown myself to the nature and feel the peaceful energy.
Some fresh air to inhale, while some anger and disturbing mind come undone.

August 24, 2011

The drops of tears

In these five years, I have had everything and lost everything.
So many things to be thankful, yet there’re too many goodbyes to be said.
There’re many things to ask,
lot of reasons to let go.
These 5 years have fundamentally formed me inside and out.
The rises and dawns.
I was torn so badly in the day the love being forced to die.
And up until now I have to beat myself up just to keep my face straight. Keep my world spinning.

I wonder how far I could make the leap again, without my tail*.

August 15, 2011

Most of our time..

I remember what we used to do to have fun,
making some dumb photos of us and had laugh about it. 
(click on the photo to see what's fun)

August 10, 2011

Try to use the rope

I am doing some modification with the dress by adding that light-baby-blue color rope detail.
Pretty chic eh?

August 7, 2011

The little tricks to gain concentration

I’ve been doing self-improvement project lately, and I’ve noticed that I’ve always had this serious trouble of concentrating. You see, I am a day-dream gal who spends most of my time wondering and worrying while doing my thing. And that’s maybe why I always ended up having difficulty to complete countless list of task and finished it behind schedule. This problem has consumed my time and energy, so I begin to googling and read couples of articles allied with that.

We all familiar with NO PHONE ZONE that Oprah have been campaigning lately, because there’re too many stories about the traffic accident that happened for the reason of distracted driving. It’s just one of the reasons why we need to learn to establish concentration as a life habit. I observe that many people (especially girls) have the same problem on concentrating; they tend to do multi-tasking when dealing with daily work. From what I’ve read from the articles, that’s just mistaken assumption that we’d finished the task efficiently by multi-tasking. In fact, multi-tasking will increase your errors and divide your attention so you’ll have to perform revision (imaging time-consuming you need to spend to mend that error).

Since concentration leads to efficiency in every work, I am thrill to share what I’ve learned from the articles for you; who have difficulty to concentrate. 
I quote, summarized, combining all articles that I had and do some adjustment to re-write it. Hopefully this could do you a favor.