March 22, 2010

A letter from a friend

It's a tough day for me because my exam didn't go smoothly. I have a huge difficulty to develop my answers to a comprehensive sentence. It's really become fundamental problem for me because I always feel unable to do such beautiful essay since elementary school.

Then I complain to a friend about it. I ask her to teach me to understand how does it takes to do well on such an exam like that. She said it's just like writing a letter to a friend. It has to be an opening. A background. A bridge, to all your answer.

She told me to read more and learn. To write more and adjust.
She exemplifies, then write this essay about me. Inspire me.


Rossa Prilla is a human being that always catches attention of everyone and every guy. She was born April 11th 1989 and has been pondering a lot about world mechanism, which by that she spends time wondering a lot. She is an Aries. Rossa Prila has a gorgeus smile, she has dimples on both of her cheeks. If she smiles, she'd pacify any kind of circumstances.

In the mean time, she is studying advertising and I kinda envy to that. Because she masters all of graphic designs kinda thing like photoshop, illustrator, flash player and so on. Beyond of what she's been doing in college, she's quiet a mature girl and knows how to act. She also is creative one. Maybe I haven't mention that she is so sexy because she has white skins and top notch boobs. (this one was a lie, lol)

Rossa Prila is a good model for any photographer. She likes to pose oddly and somehow sexy. She reminds me of the 90s. She is a good friend, a good girlfriend. She had loads of spirit and do prays a lot.

Her taste of music became a very big influence for me back in the past. She taught me to hear alternative and punk music that as I hear it I could relieve any kind of bad feelings and put problem aside for a while. I love the way she head-bangs, she became my concert mate and having great nights watching our favorite bands. I don't know if she realized or not, but every attitude of her, triggers me, somehow. Because I love 'having' her. That's the most important thing she ought to know.

March 5, 2010

70's Denim

70's style is identical with Hip-huggers pants that fitted tightly around the hips and thighs, while flaring out towards the lower leg. I remembered the last time I wore that kind of trousers, it was on my elementary school lol. I adore it until I realize that somehow my jeans made me look shorter.

Though skinny jeans was so become trend right now, this pants still got fans.



March 1, 2010


First day was a fight,
and there goes the second..
Sometimes we're just don't mean things that we say,
but I really meant my sorry.
Now we're cool.

She puts me on her blog!