September 27, 2012

Being away from home and friends are difficult. Its been 2 months since I start to live in my new droom. Its not that far from home but still its different atmosphere here. I am home sick.

It's crazy to say that since I still visit my home once a week. I guess home is'nt just a place that we livin but its more like where your hearts belongs. It may sounds so cheesy but yeah it's not about the place, what I miss is the feeling I sense when I'm there.
I guess its loneliness that speaks. I haven't make any friends here, there's no one in my cribs I want to be friend with anyway. I think I should figure out new stuffs to do for fun. Ideas?

Attending to Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival with Afifah

September 15, 2012

When i look back and thinking about the coolest thing that has happened to me this year, is perhaps become a member of nikicio team. Meeting and get to know Nina, the creative director in person was really mind-blowing I must say. She's really warm and eye opening, also what I really love about her is that she's treat us as a friend and give us as much room we needed to grow. I've learned a lot, and it hungers me more.

The past couple months, we've been so focused working on Mixte War project. The ocean picture which being printed on a silk fabric has 'wow'-ing us all, now it's hitting the market we're ready for new challange. We'll be having a resort collection which excites our team :D

I love new begining, but remembering the past always give me the goosebumps. Tracing back about how hard we worked and how wild we should play-the best thing of being young.

La Crime E Sangue - here's our blood (sweat) and tears.
Taken on after party Mixte War Show @ W Space