August 30, 2010

It's a fresh air..

This month has been a tough month for me. Looking back to all stupid issues still make me feel so desperate. Money, relationship, the future, and the heart issues, all come and go and never seem resolve. Then in my happy hour browsing time I found My Milk Toof blog by Inhae.
They are so cuteeee..

"Good job, Lardee- You did it!
Let's celebrate."


August 15, 2010

Give yourself a little SPIN

Just doing some chat with my friend who's just move out to Bandung. Oahhhh I'll miss you even more Pai. Be good! And she made me fall in love once again with LOMO CAMERA :D

Here's the Dizzy Spinner

And it's result..

It's fuuuuuuuunnnnn !!!

August 9, 2010

Emma's transformation into Twiggy

Have you guys seen Emma Watson's new haircut? I'm not sure what has gotten into her, but she really cut it off. No more Hermione Grange as we seen in Harry Potter Movie. But I think it's so refreshing and she looks cute.

Looks a bit like Twiggy, don't you think?