November 20, 2012

I promise my self to write more often, just in case I go crazy for real then people would know what have cause it.
Just kidding, I hope this will help me to out-focusing my thoughts from being lonely.

November 19, 2012

Let it be

Yesterday I had a big fight and so much helping my emotional situation to break even down.
I still digest all the situation I've been through.
Maybe when we get to the point in our lives; where you feel at the lowest,
so alone and couldn't afford to move forward,
you begin to see everything more clearly.
Particularly just where you are now, about the presents, and so aware how things is really are.
That's the only thing I have now.
No friends, no lover.
Now you can see where the tangle comes from.

The whole thing feels so artificial, most of the time.
Got me wonder who's gonna pull the triger to put an end to this
and paint me a picture that I could finally touch.
Let the world see how shabby I am, let them learn some honesty.
No one can weigh down this mad imagination anymore,
let it go wild, let it rushing to my bone, let it be as bad as it can be.

Let it be free,
let it feel free,
let it be anything

other than this.

November 18, 2012

I have no idea what to do, where to go.
Never meant to hurt the people who care but couldn't feel anything they say they do.
Just lying and feeling empty.
I'm lost and never been found.

Struggling just to be honest with you, to get this out of my head.
I may need something to cure me,
makes me human or just pretend that I am.

A bad writer and story teller, but I have nowhere else to go.
So I run to your old reflection, who says we could go wherever we want to.
And live like this forever.

November 16, 2012

Just what I need

I don't know if it's hormonal problem or psychological issue, but lately I don't feel much of excitement bursting inside me. Unusual. I feel like in autopilot mode for quite long and it already makes me dull.
When you begin to questioning, all the insecurity, anxiousness, and different thoughts about who we are in this world sometime become too heavy to handle. 

Thank God, I had my break out.
It's really a short trip and we're just lazying around, enjoying our time as if we belong to the city.
So good, I already miss you Bali.